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Prosperity and Poverty in Victorian Northwich

An exciting day using two great Victorian sites in Northwich.

In Victorian Northwich, the salt industry meant work for some and riches for others, but on the edge of town the workhouse awaited the unwary and the unfortunate. Discover the tough life of a salt worker at the Lion Salt Works and the dreadful fate of a pauper in the Northwich union Workhouse. Work or the workhouse?

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Chester During the Victorian Period

Local history study – a significant site in the locality in a period after 1066

Discover Cheshire’s significance in the locality through the lives of local children and Number 20 Castle Street, our authentic Victorian home. Choose three of the following:

  • Explore Victorian home life in Chester by examining original and replica artefacts in our hands-on session
  • Visit Number 20 with Mrs Nutting, the Housekeeper, and help her with the daily chores
  • Take a tour of Chester to discover its significance during the Victorian period
  • Visit Number 20 and peek into our recreated Victorian rooms to help uncover daily life in a Victorian home (self-led)
  • Lunch space provided
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The Victorian Workhouse Experience

Local history study – a significant site in the locality in a period after 1066

Experience the hard life of the poor in Victorian times by visiting the original workhouse for mid-Cheshire.

Enter the Guardians’ boardroom as a pauper seeking admission to the house. Discover the gruel and the routines of the workhouse, and then take a lesson in the 3 ‘R’s with the workhouse schoolteacher.

Try out a range of workhouse chores including laundry work and oakum picking.

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