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Prosperity and Poverty in Victorian Northwich

An exciting day using two great Victorian sites in Northwich.

In Victorian Northwich, the salt industry meant work for some and riches for others, but on the edge of town the workhouse awaited the unwary and the unfortunate. Discover the tough life of a salt worker at the Lion Salt Works and the dreadful fate of a pauper in the Northwich union Workhouse. Work or the workhouse?

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The Roman Empire and Its Impact on Britain

Investigate the Romanisation of Britain and explore life in Roman Chester. The day includes:
• An interactive session, with a wide range of hands-on activities designed to bring Roman Chester to life and explore the work of archaeologists in uncovering the past.
• A self-led visit to the Museum’s extensive and newly displayed Roman galleries, delving into the stories of the people of Roman Chester, with Worksheets and Teacher’s Guides to accompany your visit.
• A march with a Roman soldier around his fortress home, and practice drill and shield formation delivered by our partner, Roman Tours UK (invoiced separately)
• Lunch space provided.








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A Day at the Mill: Covering Science and History

Your themed visit includes a guided tour of our fully working watermill explaining the machinery, the history and the importance of the mill in food and farming. Pupils will see wheat being ground into flour, hear and feel the rumble of the ancient machinery, help to work a sack hoist, and witness the power of the waterwheels.

In addition to your tour, we offer a hands-on workshop exploring watermill themes and supporting the Forces, Friction and Mechanisms element of the KS2 science curriculum. Pupils discover how water, forces and friction drive everyday equipment and machines and they then make their own machines using a range of gears.

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Medicine and Health Through Time

Use objects to develop your source enquiry skills and to explore and compare ideas about medicine and health in three different time periods; Roman, Tudor/Stuart and Victorian/20th Century.

This session can also be delivered as an outreach session.

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Morris and the Lost Button

Morris the Mouse helps the children explore what life was like in an old home with a puppet show, hands-on activities and a trail around the galleries. This half-day visit is specifically designed for EY (age 3+) and FS.

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A study to extend pupils’ chronological knowledge pre-1066 and beyond

Discover the history of the River Dee and how it has shaped the lives of people in Chester from Roman times to the present day. The day includes:

  • Our newly developed handling session which uses objects, maps and activities to explore the chronological changes in social history in relation to rivers.
  • Teacher-led Gallery time with trails provided by the Museum to extend the study (download the Gallery Trail/Teacher Guides from our website).
  • A river boat experience with audio tour (delivered by our partner, ChesterBoat) and invoiced separately).
  • Lunch space provided.

This study is also available as a series of four linked sessions, suitable for after-school clubs and as outreach to local high schools.

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Chester During the Victorian Period

Local history study – a significant site in the locality in a period after 1066

Discover Cheshire’s significance in the locality through the lives of local children and Number 20 Castle Street, our authentic Victorian home. Choose three of the following:

  • Explore Victorian home life in Chester by examining original and replica artefacts in our hands-on session
  • Visit Number 20 with Mrs Nutting, the Housekeeper, and help her with the daily chores
  • Take a tour of Chester to discover its significance during the Victorian period
  • Visit Number 20 and peek into our recreated Victorian rooms to help uncover daily life in a Victorian home (self-led)
  • Lunch space provided
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Anglo-Saxon Settlers

Meet Ceolwulf, our resident Saxon, find out how his ancestors invaded and about his life in the settlement of Nort Wic in 975. Try on armour and recreate a shield wall. Learn about village life including farming, hunting, and crafts, and hear Saxon stories and riddles.

Work as an archaeologist to discover what a burial can tell us about Anglo-Saxon art and culture and the conversion to Christianity. Pupils will also make an Anglo-Saxon style pot to take away.

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Viking Raiders and Invaders

Viking raids and invasion
Step into the world of the Vikings with our Viking Trader. Discover fearsome weapons and how to form a shield wall. Hear tales of Viking adventure including their raids, invasions and struggles with the Anglo-Saxon peoples. Become an archaeologist and puzzle over the remains of a Viking warrior’s grave and what this tells us about their culture. Make a Viking chess piece based on famous examples showing kings, queens, berserkers and warriors.

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